My Search For The Perfect Golf Swing – 3 Tips You Can Use

You, The Perfect Golf Swing?

You, The Perfect Golf Swing?

Golf is one of the most infuriatingly addicting hobbies a person can ever take up. Like drugs to an addict, the minute you get home from your round you’re immediately jonesing for your next fix. Already forgotten about the 3 balls you put in the water on the “easy” par 3. The 5  holes you 3-putted. Or your good-awful golf swing that makes Charles Barkley look like Ben Hogan. I know, I’ve been there.

I’ve spent days agonizingly counting down to my tee time. Visualizing how I was going to “grip it and rip it” in front of my buddies. It felt so real that I convinced myself that my swing mechanics were reminiscent of the perfect golf swing you see on the PGA. But when the moment finally arrived I choked.

Golf Swing Videos Didn’t Work

I would forget all the golf tips I had committed to memory. The countless hours I spent at work watching videos rendered no benefit. Why? Because I was missing the one fundamental piece to the golf puzzle that stopped me before I even started… a golf swing that flows like a hot knife trough butter.

But it was years before I realized that this was the root of all my agony. My irons, my driving, my chipping. It was all painfully inconsistent. I was so bad that I considered it a good round if I only lost 2 sleeves of overpriced Titleist Pro V1’s that I swore reduced my slice. Never did I consider that it was the player, not the equipment that sucked.

What The Golf Instruction Courses Won’t Teach You

It wasn’t until I came to grips with the fact that I was a terrible golfer that a lot of good things started happening for me. So I’ve decided to share them, I call them my “underground” golf tips.

First, I started having more fun on the course. Once I stopped keeping score I threw fewer clubs, lost less balls and I even started winning more skins.

Golf tip #1, have fun, remember you’re not playing for a spot at The Masters. From fun all good things flow.

Two, my golf swing mechanics improved. I know it sounds crazy, but the fact that I didn’t care about the score really helped me relax. I was too tense when I would step up to the tee.

Golf tip #2, don’t take it so seriously and relax. When you’re relaxed your subconscious takes over and you can execute the way you know how.

Finally, my buddies started asking ME for golf tips. The same guys who had spent thousands of dollars on lessons and equipment where knocking on MY door asking for help. They even started calling me “the guru at the top of the mountain.”

Golf tip #3, teach someone what you know. Not only will you be a nice guy, BUT when you teach others it helps you improve.

Simple Golf Swing Tips For Beginners To Seniors

So now I decided to create this site to share other golf swing tips and secrets that I’ve picked up or outright stole along the way. But I’m far from a scratch golfer. In fact my average score is in the high 70’s to mid 80’s. And don’t ask me about my handicap because I have no clue what it is.

I’m just a regular guy who likes getting out on the course, knocking back a few cold cervezas and enjoying the scenery. To get the most from this site start with the general golf tips before moving onto the information on the golf swing and my golf swing tips.